Heart Imagery : Purpose & Passion

Dec 4, 2021 | Dream Impact, Lai Chi Kok
Arch Festival 2021
part of ARCH Wellness & Consciousness Festival 2021

Heart Imagery : Purpose and Passion (Dec 4 - 3:00pm)

At times we may be confused as to what we are doing or why we are doing something. Through the technique of Heart Imagery meditation, Hofan will guide us to reconnect to the essence of who we are, and receive inner guidance to our confusion. Imagery is a very powerful technique that can provide a bridge to our subconscious and superconscious worlds.

Through the doorway of our Heart, we are able to access a realm of Oneness, where we can experience the sensations of unconditional love and compassion. By immersing ourselves in this oneness, we are able to gain a perspective beyond our personality; which can prove in turn useful for us when applied to the very tangible problems of everyday life.

The lineage of the meditations in this workshop come to us via Tibet and The School of the Heart. Depending on the participants, we may teach bilingually in English and Cantonese.